Tyler Calvert

CF-L1 Trainer, CrossFit Kids Director & Coach
Tyler Calvert


  • CrossFit L1 Trainer


Coach Tyler is a husband, dad to 4, real estate agent, musician, assists his wife with their small business & has recently started their own meal prep business.

On top of his “day jobs”, He coaches for us here at 4 Arrows Fitness several days per week and is the fearless leader of our Young Arrows program!



If you were an animal, What would you be ?
an Eagle  
What was the first CD that you ever owned?
a Garth Brooks cassette tape…. I’m old
What is a food you like that everyone else finds disgusting?
Cottage Cheese
Why did you decide to become a Coach & What is your favorite part about Coaching ?
I Became a coach because I love CrossFit and believe in everything it stands for. I also just love to be around people and help people and being a CrossFit coach allows me to do that. In a fun way! Getting to do the kids CrossFit classes as a super big added bonus because kids are so fun and they keep us young.  

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