Joseph Franey

CF-L1 Trainer
Joseph Franey


  • CrossFit L1 Trainer, 2021


  • Medical Sales College, Denver, CO 2017


Coach Joseph (or Jovus, as his 4 neices & nephews call him) brings the “Fun” to 4 Arrows Fitness!

Joseph is 27 years old and by day is a GIS Specialist at the local gas company. He says he enjoys (way too) many hobbies which include hunting, golf, guitar, really anything outdoors, spending time with friends & family, CrossFit, & coaching his nephews during basketball season. 

He grew up with 2 brothers & it was actually his older brother who pushed him into his first CrossFit class. The community aspect of CrossFit is especially special for Joseph, as he met his wonderful wife Tess at the gym & they got married in 2020 (He says that he is thankful she’s put up with him this long). They have 2 Labrador Retrievers, Remi & River, & for now they are their kids! 

Joseph loves hard and he cares deeply for the athletes he has the privilege of coaching at 4 Arrows. The gym kids absolutely adore Joseph & he loves them just as much or more!

“Family is big for me & it’s not just the one we were born with; It’s the one we create as we journey through life. There are so many people in my life now that I consider family, that wouldn’t be if it weren’t for CrossFit & 4 Arrows!”


Would you rather live where it only snows or where the temperature never falls below 100 degrees?
I'm taking the "snow" on this one.
You are known for your incredible ability to quote any movie that has ever existed. If you could see one movie again for the very first time, What would it be and why?
Definitely "Stepbrothers". It never stops being funny to me!
Tell us about the worst haircut you've ever had:
Definitely the day my oldest brother Brandon cut my hair & the clippers died in the middle of it. I had to go to school with it half shaved & half long. It was so bad!!!
Describe one of your favorite days/classes as a coach at 4 Arrows Fitness:
I love Saturdays! Getting the whole 4A group together and throwing down on what seems to be the toughest workout of the week! My favorite part is choosing to suffer together, but we always have a blast doing it!

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