The power of nutrition
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It is often said that your fitness level is 20% your activity and 80% the things you put in your mouth. And we don’t disagree. To help you really understand the power of nutrition in your quest to get healthier, we offer nutrition services to fit your needs.     
Body Composition is a critical component to health, much more than just the number on the scale. We offer 1, 2, & 4 scan packages using our in-house In-Body. Each session includes a 15 minute 1-1 with a Trainer who will detail your results & provide some advice for moving forward. Click here to view our scan packages  
Get started or start again with your nutrition plan with a Reset. Includes an In-Body session with Trainer, who will detail your results and help to create a plan of action. In addition to the 15 min. scan session, this Nutrition Reset provides an additional 15-30 min. virtual (phone call or video meeting) session to assist in creating an action plan whether you’re looking to lose fat, gain muscle, or maintain what you’ve got! You will have the opportunity to ask questions & receive feedback during this virtual session. This Nutrition Reset provides minimal accountability after initial session.Click here for a Nutrition Reset

  • Tyler's success story

    Nutrition Challenge Winner

    Wow at what a difference being consistent in the gym and eating healthier does for you. We just wrapped up an 8 week nutrition challenge and I have never felt better! A lot of weight down, and only expecting to go up from here. I can’t thank my frie...