Lynn Mullins

CF-L1 Trainer
Lynn Mullins


Coach Lynn is a full-time Chemical Operator who works ever-changing long hours, but still makes working out & nutrition a priority. You can find him here coaching classes at a variety of times several days a week. He is an outstanding coach with athletes of all ages & especially does great with our tween & teen athletes. 

His hobbies outside of CrossFit include hunting & golf, and according to his wife, He has way too many more. He is married to his beautiul wife, Anna and they have 2 handsome & mischevious boys- ages 1 and 4!


If you were a professional athlete, What would you choose as your walk out song? 
The Stone Cold Steve Austin walk out song. There is nothing like that glass break at the start.
Tell us something about yourself that would surprise most people who know you-
I am pretty shy. I don't like putting myself out there. Coaching has helped a lot with that.
We've seen your hair long & We've seen it short. Which way do you like it best & why?
Long for sure. It just feels better to me. People get upset about it for some reason, so every time they say I need a hair cut, I add more time until I cut it.
What do you enjoy most about your job as a trainer at 4 Arrows?
I feel like I'm actually helping people. Fitness is such an important and fulfilling part of life that most people don't experience for themselves. I'm glad I can make a small difference in someone's fitness journey. Whether it be just for health & to feel good, or to become the best athlete they can be!

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